Acura CSX Service Repair Manuals & Workshop Manuals free download PDF

Acura CSX Service Manuals free download
Acura CSX

The compact Acura CSX sedan is assembled in Canada, where one of Honda Motor's largest assembly plants in North America is located. The car is largely unified with the eighth generation Honda Civic sedan, which is released here. CSX is characterized by a higher level of comfort. In contrast to the model Civic with a 1.8-liter engine capacity of 140 liters. s., CSX equipped with a more solid 2.0-liter engine in 155 liters. from.


Under the order the automatic hydromechanical 5-speed box with possibility of a manual choice of transfers is offered, moreover, besides the traditional selector, paddle switches are provided.

  • Engines: 2.0 (155 - 197 hp)
  • maximum speed: km / h
  • Years of production: 2005-present.
  • Drive Type: Front
  • curb weight: 1290 kg