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Acura Integra Service Repair manuals
Acura Integra

Acura Integra Service Repair Manuals PDF

Acura Integra EWD

Since 1991, the production of sports sedan Acura Integra with front-wheel drive has started. At the moment Acura Integra has changed a little and became known as Acura TSX. The impressive design of the car shows that Acura Integra is part of the family of sports cars. The basic equipment of the car has an audio system based on a CD player, electronic window lift system and an adjustable steering column.


The sports equipment of this car is equipped with leather interior design and comfortable seats, as well as many other useful "bloat." In 2007, the American and Australian subsidiaries of Acura ceased production of the fourth generation Acura Integra, and now the production and official sale of the car is only in Japan.