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Acura NSX history

From 1990 to 2005, Acura NSX was produced in North America, which in Japan was called Honda Verno. The first time this model was released in 1989 at two car dealerships - in February in Chicago and in October in Tokyo. In both presentations, Honda proved that it was able to achieve impressive results in the development of sports cars and competed with other manufacturers.


Under the hood of the Acura NSX is a powerful 4-valve V-shaped engine, and the body of the car is made of aluminum, which indicates the belonging of this car to "thoroughbred". The engine was not only powerful, but also light and compact in size. In addition to these significant advantages, the Acura NSX features a unique design and a formidable "snarl" of the exhaust system, which makes the surrounding people pay attention to this miracle of the automotive industry. All this enabled Acura to achieve positive dynamics in its development.