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Acura RL history

The flagship sedan Acura RL comes from Japan and is a modified version of the Honda Legend, designed to replace it, so that the luxurious first-born of the third generation of Acura cars, despite the successful upgrade of the appearance, still retains the recognizable features of Legend. True, the desire of designers at all costs to reduce the noise level in the cabin has led to the fact that the engine idling is simply not audible. When you, having added the gas, start moving, only the trees and buildings that run away back make it possible to understand that the machine is still moving.


The new suspension easily swallows most of the road surface defects, and the whistle of the wind is completely eliminated by such a novelty as spoilers on the side mirrors. Being an example of the high craftsmanship of designers, the unusually tightly cut and practical Acura RL retains an amazing calm when driving at any speed. The power of its six-cylinder engine with a working capacity of 3.5 liters is enough to quickly deliver you wherever you want without the slightest loss of extraordinary comfort. Among the technical innovations, special mention should be made of the optional Acura Navigation System.


The basic equipment of the 1998 model: the engine - V6 3.5 liters, gearbox - Automatic, drive - front, air conditioning, power steering, power windows, central locking, cruise control, radio cassette recorder, two airbags, ABS, leather seats, electrical adjustment seats, sunroof. Possible options: navigation system, side airbags. Engine power - 210 hp


In 1999, this sedan received a new exterior and a more sophisticated interior. There were serial side airbags, more powerful headlights and effective brakes. Considering that this model belongs to high-class sedans and costs not less than 41 thousand dollars, it is already equipped as standard with virtually everything that corresponds to the "rank" of such cars. For example, there are two-stage airbags, Automatic change of the steering column with memory for installation, control of the Automatic climate system from the rear seats, etc. In general, the 3.5RL sedan differs little from the Honda Legend. Only the navigation system on DVDs is included in the custom equipment.


In 2001, the flagship 3,5RL sedan acquired a more powerful 228 hp engine. The sports focus of this car is underlined. In the basic configuration, the car is equipped with almost everything that is used on models of a representative nature. For example, the driver's seat is adjustable in 8 directions, and the front passenger seat is adjustable in 4, all having a memory for the installation and electrical heating. This model comes from Japan and does not differ much from the Honda Legend.



Scheduled for production in the US sedan Acura RL (2005 model) will have a safety system that includes an absorbent impact body structure and active emergency braking systems. The special metal structure allows to significantly reduce the risks for passengers in collisions with larger cars.