Audi TT Service Repair Manuals & Workshop Manuals, Parts Catalog, Wiring Diagrams free download PDF

Audi TT Service Repair Manuals & Workshop Manuals, Parts Catalog, Wiring Diagrams free download PDF
Audi TT

Audi TT Workshop Manuals Free Download PDF

Audi TT History

Audi TT is a small two-seater four-wheel drive sports car Audi AG in coupe and roadster body options. The first generation appeared in 1998

First generation (8N, 1998-2006)

The Audi TT 8N sports car, Audi sports car, has been launched since 1998, and the roadster has been launched since 1999. The design and design of the model began to work in 1994 at the Audi Design Center, located in California (USA). At the Frankfurt Motor Show this model was first shown as a concept car in 1995. The design of the design belongs to the leading designers of Audi: Jay Mace, Freeman Thomas and Martin Smith. The beginning of the model production was somewhat delayed due to adaptation to seamless welding, which had not been used before. Audi TT serial production has been arranged in two stages. The model was offered with body types such as coupe and roadster.

The first generation Audi TT was nominated for the North American car of the year 2000. Also, the car was one of the best cars according to the automotive magazines of 2000 and 2001.


The name of the car comes from the legendary European motorsport called Tourist Trophy. Thanks to the participation in the race of the NSU, in 1967 a compact TT vehicle was built. Early TTs were built at a factory in Neckarsulm. After 28 years, the first concept car Audi TT was shown at the German motor show.


The production model was set up at a factory in Hungary and built on the Volkswagen Group A4 (PQ34) platform, used for Volkswagen New Beetle, Volkswagen Golf Mk4, Audi A3, Skoda Octavia, and others.


In 1998, the Automotive Circle International Industrial Group presented its traditional Audi EuroCarBody AWARD premium to the TT Sport Coupé with 13 competitors. The TT's body is an interpretation of the lightweight Audi Space Frame (ASF) design that the company first used to build the Audi A8 in the early 90's. The TT body is a hybrid design - it combines aluminum and steel. By 69% it consists of aluminum. Steel doors and trunk lid are made. The unpainted body Audi TT weighs 206 pounds, 140 of which belong to the aluminum component. If the body was completely steel, it would be 48% heavier.


The production model was completed in June 2006.

Second generation (8J, 2006-2014)

The next generation of the car, the Audi TT Coupe was presented on April 8, 2006. In addition to the visual changes in the exterior and interior, the first one was also used in this car: the adaptive damping system Audi Magnetic Ride, which is offered as an option. In addition, the new TT uses the development of the ASF (Audi Space Frame), a combination of aluminum and steel materials that made the car easier. In the same category, a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine (four cylinder inline) with a power of 147 kW (200 hp) and a 3.2-liter V6 power of 184 kW (250 hp) appeared in the same category. .) Both of them are equipped with a double coupling S Tronic (formerly DSG) taken together. On the basis of the first spring of 2008 was introduced, the newly developed 1.8-liter TFSI with a power of 118 kW (160 hp). Also, a model with 2.0-liter diesel engine with 125 kW (170 hp) has appeared.


The new Audi TT Roadster was introduced in March 2007.