bmw maintenance tips

And once again about the used BMW 3 E36  - the right care and maintenance

Choosing a classic low-cost second-hand car sure to pay their attention towards the 3rd BMW E36 series (user manual here). The reasons for this are many, and they are listed more than once on our website. There'll focus only on one of the distinct advantages of the model - the simplicity and low cost of its maintenance, do not forget to walk along the main problem areas.

BMW 3 old - new issues

The first and most important advantage of buying BMW 3 mileage is cost savings. Buying a brand new car from the passenger compartment, you will have to fork out specifically. Used car will save you thousands of dollars while providing a stout vehicle, and a well maintained used car, which in this case is on a par with many new - a savings of tens of thousands of dollars.

But tar spoon in this case is the state of the vehicle, which can return the savings through the parts, because it will be much more likely to break. So, with BMW this situation looks much better than a car-peers from other manufacturers. Available for parts (cost and availability) and simple in technical terms, the old BMW 3 break down less often and require less attention, were eating them a little look. You just need to initially take the car in a decent condition. But often the sale BMW 3 bu is precisely because of the problems that the owner does not want to decide for itself ...

The main problems used BMW 3 and how to avoid them:

  • Corrosion body - anti-corrosion treatment in specialized workshops. There will climb everywhere, everywhere brew if anything and everything will process. Itself understands to a degree too lazy. It is not recommended to keep BMW 3 with a run in a non-ventilated garage, and the more-in the raw. Here, each new or sustain such and old Boomer did not particularly suffer. Selling BMW 3 90s with problematic body - a common occurrence.
  • Engine cooling system - at the water pump is a resource, and it is better to replace this part, away from sin that would not be shattered and has done no trouble. Keep an eye on the viscous coupling - if not the impeller hanging in torsion plane, then sooner or later be smashed and can catch the radiator. Constant trouble BMW 3 - Hardened old plastic radiator expansion tank is deformed and not repaired. Under the substitution together with the radiator. Do not allow the engine to overheat, even though it shuts down itself.
  • Steering - the car is renowned for its impeccable taxiing, but the steering rack, including its nozzles, constantly makes the brain owner. Dread is nothing but pleasant enough when oil flows, or hums a broken pump and the steering wheel turns with shimming or effort. And at the same time the machine can listen to the helm perfectly. Because repair the rail once and sometimes check the expansion tank with the oil for the rail.

  • Exhaust system - burned and will not go anywhere, whether it be BMW 3 boo or something out there bu. The machine is old, and the thin metal in a corrosive environment does not live long.

  • Worn out interior - do not leave the machine in a damp room and make sure that there were no holes in the bottom. The cabin should be dry. Otherwise, all the fabric from the ceiling and doors can droop and get the problem by replacing the salon.

  • Constantly crashing suspension - drive carefully on a machine that provokes aggressive driving - is not an option. Just periodically reviewed suspension and repair it at the beginning.
  • Loose drawstring - annoying, but can be changed including their own, if you have access to locksmiths.
  • Central locking - also not serviceable. It either works or repaired (it changed).
  • Immobilizer - BMW E36 does not start, the starter can not be heard, even though the normal starter? Built from a certain year in the car, this tricky block tied directly to two of the brain - and your car. The last he would make the final, if you stop to recognize the key chip. To acquire a spare key in advance. The rest of the reasons on which the car can not start, treated easier.
  • Power system - unaccounted air supply system, due to the falling pipes breaks, depressurization valve in the crankcase ventilation gases, taking into account the failure of sensors - all this will pull the money and time to repair. Follow turnovers that they always behave predictably. It is useful to have on hand a can of carburetor cleaner, which measures the intake depressurization system.

A couple of general tips for maintenance BMW

  1. Usually, the BMW 3 mileage beyond reasonable still able to run without a major overhaul. Change your oil on time, do not exceed the speed and warm up with no load in the big chill. Bavarian Motors really high quality.
  2. Do not keep the machine in a damp place for a long time - affect the body and interior.
  3. Get a spare key.
  4. Suspension diagnose and repair without postponing.