Chevrolet Cobalt Service Repair Manuals & Workshop Manuals, Parts Catalog, Wiring Diagrams free download PDF

Chevrolet Cobalt Service Repair Manuals & Workshop Manuals, Parts Catalog, Wiring Diagrams free download PDF
Chevrolet Cobalt

Chevrolet Cobalt Service Repair Manuals

Chevrolet Cobalt History

Chevrolet Cobalt is the name of two unrelated Chevrolet cars.

The first series

Initially, this index produced an American compact car, introduced in 2004 and 2005 model years, replacing the models Cavalier and Prizm.


Cobalt was launched with coupe and sedan and was based on the GM Delta platform with cars like Chevrolet HHR, Pontiac G5, Astra (Opel, Vauxhall, Holden and Saturn), as well as Opel Zafira (seven-seater minivan). There was also a much more productive version of Super Sport (SS). All Cobalt were made at GM's factory in Lord Stoun, Ohio. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency classification, Cobalt was a sub-compact car.


In 2009, Chevrolet is developing the replacement of the Cobalt - the Chevrolet Cruze model (based on the Delta II platform). In the same year, she begins to sell in Europe, and from 2010 - and in the United States. Production of Cobalt ceased in June 2010.

The second series

In 2011, the name Cobalt was revived, but for a completely different budget car developed by the Brazilian division GM on the basis of the platform GM Gamma and which in size is located between the models Cruze and Aveo. In 2012, the production of Cobalt second series also began in Uzbekistan for the domestic market. In August 2012, the car was presented at the Moscow Motor Show, and from 2013, sales are planned in Russia. The first cars will be imported from Brazil, and then it is planned to start an assembly for the Russian market in Russia or Uzbekistan. The new Cobalt is positioned as Dacia Logan's competitor.


The overall length of the sedan is 4479 mm (the size of the wheelbase 2620 mm), the width - 1735 mm, and height - 1514 mm, boot 563 l. Suspension - McPherson stands at the front and a curved beam from behind.



As the main one will be offered two gasoline engines in volume of 1.4-liter power of 97 hp and 102 hp, as well as a more powerful 1.8-liter engine. Their versions for the countries of Latin America will be able to work also on ethanol.


Cobalt is available in two variants of the body: a sedan and coupe. The lineup consists of four models: Base, LS, LT and SS. Top model SS is available only in the coupe. The first two models are equipped with a 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine of 155 horsepower. Sports sensations do not have to be expected, but for a daily ride it suits. The 2.2-liter engine sometimes lacks power. Nevertheless, Cobalt confidently and calmly enters the turns and fits into the tense city traffic. The steering actuator is missing feedback. Although the quality of a ride with a custom suspension is good. The advantage of a car is its economy. Model SS is different from the rest. Its 2.0-liter turbo engine produces 260 horsepower. Cobalt SS will take 5.7 seconds to accelerate to 96.5 km / h. The base of this model includes: Brembo front brakes, stability control and side airbags. If desired, the model can be supplemented with a self-locking front differential and sports pedals.


For Ukraine and Europe Cobalt will be equipped with a 1.5-liter petrol engine with a capacity of 105 hp in a pair with a five-speed manual gearbox, but optionally it can be ordered with a 6-speed automatic transmission.