Chevrolet Tahoe Service Repair Manuals & Workshop Manuals, Parts Catalog, Wiring Diagrams free download PDF

Chevrolet Tahoe Service Repair Manuals & Workshop Manuals, Parts Catalog, Wiring Diagrams free download PDF
Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe Workshop Manuals Free Download

Chevrolet Tahoe History

Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon are frame full-size off-road vehicles of the American company General Motors, created on pick-up units. They are produced by Chevrolet offices since 1995 and GMC since 1992, respectively. These same cars, but with an enlarged wheelbase are called Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon XL.

In April 1987, General Motors Corporation introduced a completely new line of full-size Chevrolet C / K, GMC C / K pickups, as 1988 model year cars. Created on the new corporate platform GMT400, in addition to the new streamlined body, they had a completely revised chassis and suspension, an enlarged cab and a fully-connected four-wheel drive. In the 1992 model year, a new generation of full-size Chevrolet Blazer SUVs with a short wheelbase (111.5 inches - 2,832 mm), a brand known from 1969 and a Chevrolet Suburban with a long wheelbase (131.5 inches - 3,340 mm) mm), a brand known since 1935. The new models had ABS operating on all four wheels, and Suburban, to obtain a more similar to the car's handling and smooth running, a modified suspension. In the same year, GMC released an analog Chevrolet Blazer under the new brand GMC Yukon, replacing the full-size GMC Jimmy, a brand known since 1982. The name of the Yukon brand comes from the name of the Yukon River in northwest Canada and in Alaska. Both cars, the Chevrolet Blaser and the GMC Yukon, had only two-door bodies and were produced at the same factory in Janesville, Wisconsin.


In early 1995, the two-door full-size Blazer became the 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe, followed by a four-door Tahoe with a wheelbase increased to 117.5 inches (2985 mm), combining the comfort of a passenger car, the power and power of an SUV. The name Tahoe comes from the name of Lake Tahoe located on the border of California and Nevada. In the same year, the four-door version of the Yukon was presented with the same wheelbase as the Tahoe wheelbase. In December 1995, the authoritative American automobile magazine Motor Trend recognized Chevrolet Tahoe as the SUV of the year. The next generation of Chevrolet Blazer and GMC Jimmy became compact, that is smaller than Tahoe and Yukon SUVs created on the basis of compact pickups Chevrolet S-10 and GMC Sonoma. In January 1998, the production of two-door Tahoe and Yukon ceased.

In 1996, Tahoe and Yukon cars were nominated for the title of North American truck of the year. In 2000, the new platform GMT800 introduced the recycled Tahoe and Yukon second generation, based on the pickups Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. GMC Yukon XL replaced GMC Suburban, Chevrolet continued to call its model on the elongated wheelbase Suburban. The cars moved to the luxury class with the highest-class equipment. Smooth running, handling, comfort were like in cars. There appeared a more expensive version of the GMC Yukon Denali with many additional functions, such as an on-board information center, an improved security system, a Bose music system with eleven speakers and steering on the steering wheel. Denali is the highest mountain of North America located in Alaska.


In 2007, completely new Tahoe and Yukon third generation on the platform of GMT900 (English) were released. In 2008, a hybrid version of the Tahoe appeared with a 6-liter V8 engine, resulting in a 300-volt generator that charged batteries and powered two 60-kilowatt electric motors.


In April 2014, cars of the fourth generation were on sale. Since 2004, Chevrolet Tahoe is assembled in small batches of ready-made car kits at Kaliningrad Avtotor.