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Acura Service Repair manuals, Electrical Wiring Diagrams & Fault Codes Free Downlad
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Acura MDX: how to avoid premature repairs?

Honda Corporation produces cars under the Acura brand in 1986. This brand has not become as popular as its "older brother", but gradually more and more distributed in the markets of the CIS countries. Design and technical equipment of the vehicle Acura MDX are at a high level, characteristic of Japanese manufacturers. Today, the car is equipped with the 5-and 6-tistupenchatymi automatic transmission.

Since 2006, the Acura MDX is equipped with new engines, the V-6 3.7 liter, 300 hp, and in 2010 model has four-wheel drive and an independent multi-link suspension. Given the specificity of national roads and not always high-quality fuel to delay burdensome for the family budget overhaul, must be timely to carry out maintenance of the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

It is clear that all the details of the car have a certain life, having developed that they become unsuitable for further use. Based on operating experience gained motorists MDC Acura vehicles in the domestic environment, professionals recommend that adhere to certain rules:

  1. Perform the replacement of engine oil and oil filter every 10 000 km;
  2. Change the oil in a manual transmission every 60-70 thousand kilometers.;
  3. The automatic transmission fluid change every 50-60 thousand kilometers.;
  4. Purged with air filters every 10-15 thousand kilometers, replaced after 60-70 thousand km..;
  5. Do not install the spark plug, not provided instruction manual Acura MDC. Change the spark after 20 thousand kilometers (iridium spark - after 100 thousand km.).;

Repair Acura preferably carried out in specialized car service centers with special equipment for the diagnosis. The innovative technology of the Japanese automotive industry require at least a high-tech repair facilities. It is unacceptable to establish a car spare parts unknown manufacturers. If you can not find a new and original parts, or they are too expensive, it is better to use the services of the secondary market and buy even used ones, but "native" parts. 

Considering how the domestic road services, care should be taken additional measures for corrosion protection body, otherwise it will repair soon rise on the agenda. We should not forget that, despite its growing popularity, this brand is still relatively little common, therefore, in many cases, find the necessary body parts, and many others for Acura auto parts can be difficult.