Ford Wire Diagram

Repairing a car wiring

Car Wiring connects the various control units, switches, consumers.

On all cars, power circuits through which electric current flows, protected by fuses, which are designed for a certain current. If a short circuit, the fuse protects the wiring from the fire.

There are cars where the power control circuit is not protected by fuses.

When disassembling and assembling the car, should pay special attention to the wiring bundles.

The places where wiring is run next to the control mechanisms and frameworks attachment.

  • The steering column and wiring suitable for steering column switch, ignition switch wiring ... and the fuse box, located near the pedals.
  • Posting under the arch of the wings.
  • Wiring in the engine compartment.
  • Wiring behind the dashboard.

In these places, often occur wiring damage, leading to a short circuit, a fire or even a car.

Pay special attention to the installation extra. equipment and do not trust the intervention in the vehicle wiring are not professionals. Diagnostics and repair of of the car wiring should be engaged in a professional electrician. Wiring car, like cobwebs enveloping the whole car. In case of refusal in the consumer only auto electrician in a short time be able to identify the problem and fix it.