Spare parts for JAC cars (J5, S5 including)

Spare parts for cars of all models of JAC - a large number of items of original parts and non-genuine counterparts.

Rear axle

2201000D4 - cardan shaft
3104102-HF13014ZC - drum brake
2402000-HF13014 - Transaxle
3101010D2 - wheel disc R15
2403004-HF13014 - Axis planetary gears
2400005-HF13014M - Axle
2402250-HF13014 - A pair of main gears
32309 - bearings tapered roller
32211 - bearing outer rear hub
32212 - Bearing internal rear hub
32210 - Differential Bearing
2403202-HF13014 - Satelite limited slip differential
2402204-HF13014 - Gasket final drive
2400009-HF13014 - Seal semiaxis
3104104-HF13014 - seal rear hub
3502100-D120, 3502200-D120 - the brake caliper (left -rule)
3104101-HF13014 - rear hub
2402261-HF13014A - redktora flange of the rear axle
2403201-HF13014 - side gear
3104111-HF13014, 3,104,211-HF13014 - Pin back (left, right)

Engine parts

YSD490Q-02007 intermediate gear axis
YSD490Q-04204 Bolt rod cover
YSD400Q-01111C cylinder block
YSD490Q-05003 Val kolenchasty
YSD490Q-05102 flywheel ring gear
YSD490Q-01015 (16) Inserts indigenous to-CT on ICE
YSD490Q-04003 Inserts connecting rod
YSD490Q-02006 Bushing intermediate gear
YSD490Q-04201 Bushing rod
YSD490Q-07100 Inlet manifold
YSLA480Q-5-01500 Oil Pressure Switch
YSD490Q-09110 oil intakes
YSD490Q - 01003 Cylinder Sleeve
YSD490Q-03101 Cylinder head
YSD490Q-03014 exhaust valve
YSD490Q-03014-K006 valve inlet
YSD490Q-04001 Set the motor rings
YSD490Q-04002-1 set of cylinder-piston group
YSD490Q-01003 O-ring sleeve (supplied)
YSD490-11304 Thermostat Housing
YSD490Q - 01103 Cylinder head cover
YSD490Q-01012 Krischke shaft kolenchastogo back
YSD490Q-02100 fuel injection timing device
YSD490Q-05101 Flywheel
YSD490Q-03102 Valve Guide
YSD490Q-09100 Oil Pump
YSD490Q-03205 Axis korosysel assembly

YSD490Q-04005 Piston
YSD490Q-04004 Piston Pin
YSD490Q-01018 Gasket pallet
YSD490q-03023 Gasket rear head cover
YSD490Q-03013 Gasket inlet of collectors
YSD490Q-03006 Gasket exhaust of collectors
YSD490-11301 Socket Thermostat
YSD490-03016 Gasket thermostat housing
YSD490Q-1-1 engine gaskets set
YSD4900-01008 (01007) Polukolko shaft kolenchastogo
YSD490Q - 01020a cylinder head gasket
Y480G-01004 Gasket Oil Filter
YSD490Q-002016 Gasket front cover
YSD490Q-02014 Gasket timing gear cover
YSD490Q-01001 Prokladkak ICE front gryshki
GB / T276-94 Bearing flywheel
YSD490Q-03005 valve cover gasket
001020J1 engine cushion front right

1001010Z8 engine cushion rear right
1001010J1 engine cushion front left
1001020Z8 engine cushion rear left
YSD490Q-03204 Spring outer / inner valve
YSD490Q-02010 Camshaft
YSD490Q-03008 Rusk valve (the valve lock)
Y485-03021 valve seal
HG4-692-67 (100 * 130 * 12) crankshaft seal zadniy100 × 130 × 12
HG4-692-67 (60 × 80 × 12) of the crankshaft front seal 60 × 80 × 12
YSD490Q-03105a nozzle Glass
Y380Q-37-17300b vacuum pump tube diverter
Y485Q-1-17200 vacuum pump tube underwater
Y480G-09300 (JX0810) Filter Oily
YSD490Q-04202 Rod assembly 250.00
YSD490Q-02005a Gear 210.00
YSD490Q-02003a Gear pump drive
YSD490Q-02011a camshaft sprockets
YSD490Q-02009a Crankshaft Gear
YSD490Q-05006 Crankshaft Pulley
YSD490Q - 01004 Stud cylinder head

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