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Hi! On this site you can find PDF owners manuals for such Chinese brand, as Dong Fang cars: DongFeng H30 Cross, DongFeng S30, Dongfeng Rich, Dongfeng AX3, DongFeng Fengshen A30, Dongfeng AX7, Dongfeng Fengguang 580, Dongfeng E30, DongFeng A60, Dongfeng AX5, Dongfeng MX6, Dongfeng SX6, Dongfeng MX5, Dongfeng A9, Dongfeng F600, Dongfeng Pickup, Dongfeng S500, Dongfeng Fengguang 370, Dongfeng Joyear, DongFeng LingZhi, DongFeng Succe, Dongfeng CM7, DongFeng Jingyi S50, Dongfeng L60, Dongfeng Brave Soldier, DongFeng Joyear X3, Dongfeng Fengguang 330, Dongfeng Fengguang 360, DongFeng ZNA Rich SUV, DongFeng Joyear X5, DongFeng Y5 (HUV), DongFeng Warrior, DongFeng K3, DongFeng Oting, DongFeng Yumsun, DongFeng 5021       


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Dong Feng - Chinese carmaker, one of the largest automotive market in China. The main directions of activity of the firm is a full-scale production of commercial vehicles, passenger cars, auto parts and supplies, as well as production equipment for the engineering industry.

Company history began in 1969. Since these years economic relations with the countries of the East, led by the Soviet Union, and with the West were severed, the company has developed, fully relying on their own strength. The development of the company have been directed almost all the economic opportunities and technical resources of China. Currently, Dong Feng is the 1st strategic enterprise military-industrial complex of China and plays a significant role in the economic and business life in China.

DongFeng RICH
DongFeng RICH

The basic strategic principle of the company is a full autonomy. Except the car company produces everything from filters and oil to power units and engines.

Currently, the main and almost equivalent sources of income are the production and sales of commercial and passenger vehicles.

On the threshold of the new millennium, the company has adopted a policy of international cooperation. This strategy focuses on broad international cooperation with a view to growth, development and experience of cooperation and competition with the world's best manufacturers. Under this policy, the company has concluded agreements with a variety of manufacturers. So among the partners for the production of passenger cars may be noted, companies such as Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, Honda Motor Co., Ltd and Kia Motors Corporation. The company also produces trucks with load capacity from 500 kg up to 220 tons.

DongFeng Warrior
DongFeng Warrior

Dong Feng owns 42 factories, as well as the world's largest testing ground and entered the Guinness Book of Records, as the company with the longest production line.
It should be noted the company's success through strategic partnerships with Western firms. For example, half of a large number of engines that Dong Feng produces together with the Cummins US, intended for supply to manufacturers of the world famous car brands.

C 2002 is a strategic partner of Nissan. All new models of cars manufactured since 2004, developed in close cooperation engineering centers of those companies. For example, a four-pick the Rich, produced in 2007, is a redesigned model Nissan Navara D22 of the first generation. Diesel inline engine Nissan 2.5-liter with 110 horsepower, five-speed manual gearshift, all-wheel drive - these are the main specifications of the model. Maximum car speed reaches 150 km / h.

In the same year range of products enriched minivan MPV, which is a licensed copy of Mitsubishi Space Gear. The car boasts of good equipment, and the interior looks Japanese thought out and functional. The minivan is equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine producing 109 hp, as well as a mechanical 5-speed gearbox. Body due to the integrated frame has high strength, though quite impressive weight.

This car company has the largest Asian Design Bureau, where in the face of thousands of designers working 3 focuses a powerful intellectual potential. In the design office work academicians and doctors of engineering sciences in China.

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