Audi 100 Service Repair Manuals & Workshop Manuals, Parts Catalog, Wiring Diagrams free download PDF

Audi 100 Service Repair Manuals & Workshop Manuals, Parts Catalog, Wiring Diagrams free download PDF
Audi 100

Audi 100 PDF Workshop Manuals Free Download

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Audi 100 History

Audi 100 - the name of the family of business class cars produced in Germany by Audi from 1968 to 1994. All generations of the model had a certain technical continuity among themselves and retained the basic principles inherent from the very appearance of the model - first of all, the front-drive configuration with the longitudinal arrangement of the engine. Audi 100 C3 was sold in the US under the name Audi 5000 until 1988.


The Audi 200 was a more expensive version of the Audi 100, featuring a higher level of basic equipment, improved exterior and interior trim, equipped with only five-cylinder engines, including - with a turbo.

1st generation (C1), 1968-1976

Audi 100 first generation, produced since 1968, had variants with bodies two- and four-door sedan and three-door hatchback. The front-wheel drive vehicle was equipped with gasoline engines of 1.6, 1.8 and 1.9 liters (80-115 hp). In total, more than 827 thousand cars were produced in factories in Germany.

2nd generation (C2), 1976-1984

The second generation of "hundred" was presented in 1976. Instead of a three-door model, the Avant version with a five-door hatchback body appeared. In addition to the "quartets" of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, the Audi 100 was equipped with a new in-line five-cylinder engine 2.1 with fuel injection and diesel engines. Later this model also began to be sold under the name Audi 200 - it was powered by powerful variants of the engine 2.1 - atmospheric (136 hp) and turbocharged (170 hp).

3rd generation (C3), 1982-1991

Sedan Audi 100 third generation began to produce in 1982, a year later was introduced Avant Avant, and in 1984 appeared all-wheel drive version of quattro. The range of power units was very wide: these were petrol carburetor and injector inline four- and five-cylinder engines ranging in volume from 1.8 to 2.5 liters (74-163 hp), and diesel atmospheric and turbocharged engines, including the most modern at the time of the TDI series.


As before, the Audi 200 was in fact a more powerful modification of the model, and in the North American market the car was also known as the Audi 5000. Until 1991, more than one million cars were made, and in China this model is still produced under the brand name Hongqi.

4th generation (C4), 1991-1994

The fourth-generation car, which was launched in 1991, was the result of a thorough modernization of the previous model. In addition to modernized appearance, the main innovation was the appearance in the range of motors of the new engine V6 2.8 (174 hp) in addition to in-line power units. Another important event was the appearance of a charged version of the Audi S4 with a 280-strong "eight" of 4.2 liters.


In 1994, the Audi 100 was renamed the Audi A6.