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Acura RSX history

Acura is the North American division of Honda, specializing in the production of executive and sports cars.


Assembly plant American Honda Motor Co. was opened in California on March 27, 1986. The name "Acura" appeared in 1989 and applies exclusively to the prestigious models of Honda, sold in the US. The tactical and technical data of the brand Acura, as a rule, do not differ from the corresponding parameters of models of the company Honda. The names of the models coincide. Most of the models are produced directly in North. America (series CL and TL), and individual models - RL and NSX because of low demand are imported from Japan. The release of only "American" models Acura in 1999 amounted to 101.3 thousand units.


The main difference between Acura models from similar Honda cars is the sporty look and a higher level of standard equipment. In addition, Acura represents in the US more prestigious models TL and RL, which Honda does not offer to Americans.


The emblem uses a stylized letter "A", reminiscent of metal tongs. Such a simple drawing is caused by the difficulty of registering a new trademark in the US - almost always in the official register of logos there is a similar trademark.


In the representative class for Acura "stands" 5-meter sedan RL, which is a more ornate decorated Honda Legend. Structurally, the RL is similar to other models of the Honda concern of the late 1990s. Modification of the Integra Type-R appeared in 1998, but in 1999 for a number of reasons it was not offered.


At the Detroit Salon in 2000, the new 3.22 coupe was shown on an elongated chassis, followed by the New York Motor Show in 2000, a luxury off-road vehicle MDX, unified in bodywork with the Honda Odyssey OLV.


One of the main novelties of the 2001 model year division is the new compact sports sedan EL, designed on the platform of the Civic VII generation. EL equipped with a completely new 1.7-liter engine with a VTEC system with a power of 127 hp, meeting the latest requirements of ULEV for the cleanliness of the exhaust. The EL model is sold only in Canada.


At the 2001 New York Motor Show, the successor to the Integra, the new compact RSX coupe, was designed for the first time on the enlarged platform of the EL model. The RSX is equipped with a 2.0-liter engine with a power of 200 hp. (Type R version) and a 6-speed manual transmission.


The Integra coupé in 2001 did not significantly change the design or chassis design. The model is produced in three modifications: LS, GS and GS-R. Cheaper LS and GS equipped with a 1.8-liter engine in 140 hp, under the hood of the sports version of the GS-R 170 "horses".


In 2001 there was a slight restyling of the CL (coupe) and TL (sedan) models. The CL and TL models are built on the Accord platform of the latest generation.


A special event of the 2002 model year was the emergence of a new generation of sports hatchbacks of the RS-X type, replacing the cars of Integra.



One of the few real super-cars from the Land of the Rising Sun - the NSX coupe, existing since 1991, was modernized by 2003.

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