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Maserati - the history of the brand Italian cars

Despite the widespread belief that the company «Maserati» was founded in 1926, in fact it is a significant event in the history of the Italian automotive industry occurred much earlier - in 1914. It was then resident in Bologna with his brothers, Alfieri Maserati occurred to register a company «Officine Alfieri Maserati», which is engaged in the development of vehicles and powertrains to them. However, as before, and after, their activities are not carried Alfieri himself, and together with his brothers: Carlo, Bindo, Mario, Ettore and Ernesto. All of these six names in golden letters entered in the history of Italian industry the beginning of XX century.


The eldest of the brothers, Carlo, died long before the start of production. However, it was his ideas were fundamental to the future activities of blood followers. The first major success of the Maserati expected in 1925, when the family of 2-liter engine was created, which became the base for one of the most successful at that time racing cars models. The first launch of its own offspring brothers dates back to April 1926 - it was a production car Maserati Gran Prix in 1500.


A special promotion of the company contributed to major victories in a variety of racing competitions, which are mainly Ernesto won a Maserati. The only specialization brothers work in the same time period was the production of a purely racing cars and engines for them. This quickly gave good results. Already in 1929 Tipo V4 model has a top speed of 246 km / hour, which was a record at that time.

Start 30-ies of the last century was marked by a small crisis is directly related to the tragic death of Alfieri Maserati, who died in a car accident. As often happens with great people, that passion took the life of a genius. Nevertheless, the burden of responsibility for the success took the youngest brother, who began independent development of engines. It turned out that he is not bad, but to pull all on his shoulders and Ernesto could not. In 1939 the company became part of the corporation «Orsi», as part of which moved from Bologna to Modena. It is from Modena plants linked further progress automobile racing in Italy.


The Second World War is almost no way affected the company's performance, but, ironically, it was after the end of remaining at the time living in the Maserati brothers founded a new company specialized in the production of racing cars, which, however, little success is not earned.


In the same period, under the brand name «Maserati» launched GT class lineup. The first model debuted in 1500 A6, produced in a race, and in the road versions. However, to say that the issue was carried out in a series, it is impossible, because every single instance had significant differences compared with his "brothers." And in the mid-50s the company management announced the termination of work on race cars. Thus, the "Maserati" changed its traditions, active hand in the production of mass-produced road cars. Firstborn was the model of the GT 3500, possessed a 6-cylinder 3.5-liter engine, and lasted until 1964. Over the years, the assembly line of the company produced more than 2000 Maserati 3500 GT car. Much less sympathy among motorists caused a 5000 GT.

60s - an era of prosperity. At this time actively worked on the design of a follow-up models and on their technical characteristics. Then the management decided to create the most comfortable car class "lux", Kojima became the perfect sedan "the Quattroporte", equipped with a 4.2-liter engine the V8, first introduced in the mid-50s. In addition to the model «Quattroporte», designers «Maserati» for a short period of time brought to mind and prepare to present cars like Maserati Mistral, Maserati Mexico (analogue Quattroporte) and the Maserati Ghibli. Each of these cars has been something to be proud, and they confidently won the hearts of millions.


A new stage in the history of «Maserati», it would seem, was to begin in 1968, after the owner of a controlling stake in the company have become the leaders of the concern «Citroen». But it existed until 1975 Partnership reminded about themselves only during the release of the model «Indy 2 + 2" And in the next year in the light of published model «Quattroporte III», which immediately was named best executive cars Italy for the entire automotive history. It should also be noted that all of the 70 years of the last century were marked by improved ergonomics. So Maserati Bora became a car endowed with unprecedented convenience and luxury features. However, we are not affected by the speed of the car.

The new era of the company, after all, began. But it happened a little bit later - right after your purchase «Fiat» Company Corporation. It happened in May 1993, and already in 1996 introduced a new model «Quattroporte IV Evoluzione», immediately became the sales leader among paying customers. However, in 1997 the management "Maserati" lay their hands "the Ferrari" guide, once the main competitor brainchild of the great Italian brothers. Going into the new century was marked by the renewal of industrial relics of the company and the issue of new cars. Especially noteworthy model Maserati 3200 GT and Spyder GT, released in 1998 and 2002 respectively.


Today, the activities of the Italian company with a rich history, several times changed its specialization, is aimed at the production of high-speed vehicles with unsurpassed design, high quality manufacturing of parts and the highest level of comfort.