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In this section of our website will be posted information about typical faults SMART models to help users. The information can be used to purchase SMART, as well as for self-repair and service. The material for the repair of SMART. Overview of typical faults SMART FORTWO, SMART ROADSTER.

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SMART - Helpful for the owner

Engine Compression Test of SMART

Let's consider the holding of this important test when buying a car for example, SMART FORTWO gasoline engines. To check the spark plug wrench needed, Compression, a bit of knowledge and skill. With knowledge we will try to help you.

Check the oil level in the engine! If the level is very low and the oil like a "liquid asphalt," it is better to refrain from buying this car.

  • Warm up the engine to operating temperature and stop it.
  • Disconnect the ignition coil and nozzles (injectors).
  • Remove the top row of candle tip and remove the top three candles.
  • Wrap kompresometr the cylinder 1 (closer to the right side ahead of the vehicle).
  • Hold down until it stops akseleraora pedal, turn the ignition key and rotate the starter to the maximum compression tester readings arrows, the value is written.
  • The latter procedure should be followed for all the cylinders of the engine.

Recommendation to SMART owners

Exploiting the car with a turbocharger, it is desirable to focus on the following rules:

  •  You can not turn off the engine at high speeds, you must first go to idle for 3-5 minutes, and only then stop the motor.
  • Very good result gives the installation of turbo-timer that allows you to withstand these regimes.
  • Before you move, be sure to allow the engine to idle at least 30 seconds.
  • You must promptly change the engine oil, oil and air filters, using only approved car factory for the turbocharged engine. At cars with mileage over 150 thousand. Km of such replacement is recommended after 5-7 thousand km
  • Engine diagnostics should periodically. The specialists pay special attention to the adjustment of the fuel equipment, ignition systems for gasoline engines and the condition of the crankcase ventilation.

Damage Intercooler SMART. Typical faults air injection system SMART

Quite often, owners of used SMART FORTWO notice the following symptoms in the behavior of their "clever" 

  1. Reduced engine power.
  2. The increase in fuel consumption.
  3. The emergence of unusual whistling sounds on load conditions.
  4. Without apparent cause increased oil consumption.
  5. Lubrication of the power unit in the PPC area.
  6. The appearance of oil stains under the vehicle.

Most likely the reason for this is faulty intercooler (charge air cooling radiator). Why is this happening? Because of the design features of the mounting of the radiator, korob- Diffusers often rubs in turbine longitudinal slots, which puts him out of action. Thus, "radiator-intercooler" becomes leaking. To resolve this problem in all the best replacement turbine, but sometimes it is possible remont.Pered installation of new / repaired radiator is necessary to localize the cause of the damage (the root cause)!

Typical faults air injection system SMART

Let's talk a little bit about turbine- (turbocharger) .Chasto coming SMART owners complain about the appearance of oil in the vicinity of the turbine, at the junction with the pipe from the air filra.Zadayut naturally connected questions:

  • Is my favorite car is time to change the turbine?
  • Why increased oil consumption and what happens to the engine oil?
  • How else can work through my turbine?
  • Where the engine power was lost?

In all of these cases, of course, also need a turbocharger and engine diagnostics.


Let's talk about those cases when the engine and the turbine in good condition, but the problem is obvious. Ninety per cent of these cases the cause is poor-quality air filter or the total pollution. So as there is a malfunction of the crankcase ventilation system that can be jammed or faulty ventilation valve itself. Filter and ventilation valve should be checked at every MOT, and replaced if necessary. Very good result gives to a sport air filter, such as the well-known manufacturer of air filters-KN.


Of course, this is not all the causes and consequences of the emergence of such a failure, but the most common.

Now the engine idling and the gear shift box. It happens often these signs in the behavior of the car:

  1. Swim engine speed at idle and throughout the range.
  2. Delays CPR enable the next transmission, low power.
  3. Is heard whistling sounds (hissing).
  4. Increased fuel consumption.

Often the causes of such symptoms are: - highly contaminated, the coked throttle. Leaks due to a fault the air intake system or the flying turbine or damaged air intake nozzles, or a vacuum system. Freeze-state turbine actuator (WASTE GATE) due to rust or its thrust lever.


In all the above cases, a thorough inspection of the engine for fault localization.

What is a turbotimer, and whether it is necessary to SMART?

I will ask myself the question, the difference between the engine "Geniuses" of sports car engine? And he himself will answer it - yes anything! That same turbine, intercooler with forced cooling, efficient and demanding lubrication system than not a sports car? You say, but where it amounts to motorsport with the engine 0.6-1l?

Maybe not every owner of SMART racing driver, but it is best comes from motorsport. So, we have: vysokoforsirovany turbirovanie engine with a very small and "light" that spins the turbine up to 260 000 rev / min. while it undergoes high thermal and dynamic loads, so before you drown out the car after a long trip you need to let the engine run for a few minutes at idle. This is in order that-be to the turbine speed drops below the minimum, the temperature dropped, the lubrication and cooling system will take excess heat, thus we will extend its service life. (Otherwise obtain premature coking turbine unit bearings due to repeated boiling oil residues the engine stopped abruptly and high temperature - negative consequences). But all of you can successfully make a turbo timer, as to sit and wait until everything happens as usual no time. Oh well, turbo timer will do everything for the program owner!

Dampness in the cabin SMART

Often there are the following troubles: After heavy rainfall owners SMART detect moisture under the floor mats, carpet and wet bar, although the car was normally closed and moisture take nowhere. In such cases it is necessary to pay special attention to the tightness of the small rear windows, air tightness in conjunction windshield, check the seals on the doors and luggage compartment flap. Often, due to the above listed, the unit suffers from the central electrics (SAM).

Characteristic features of the wet block are "glitches" in the on-board electrical avtomobilya.Neispravnosti associated with rotations, windshield wipers, signal, stove fan, etc. Water often incapacitates SAM completely, because it is responsible and manages the above listed sistemami.Poetomu if you notice a musty odor in the car, out of nowhere now involved moisture or electrical "went crazy" - need to vmeshatelstvo.Voda with electrics and electronics did not make friends . A similar disease affects used - FORTWO and ROADSTER.

One strip on the instrument panel SMART

One horizontal bar on the display SMART 450, SMART ROADSTER signals CAN bus fault (Control Area Network). CAN bus consists of a two-wired transmission line. Thus for the exchange and transfer of data between electronic components in SMART. Data transfer between units tied SAM, AIRBAG, ABS, ESP, engine control unit and the instrument panel. After switching on the ignition via CAN SMART conducts rapid diagnosis and verification of readiness units for immediate use. If after the ignition is switched on the instrument panel lights up your SMART one horizontal strip and fuel indicator, temperature blinking, there is a CAN fault. (SMART will not start) The following checks should be carried out for self-localization of faults:

  • Ignition OFF, remove the plug from the battery
  • Check the integrity of fuses in the central electrics box SAM
  • Carry out connectors join the bloc, SAM (moisture, oxidation)
  • Carry out connectors coupled to the engine control unit (moisture, oxidation)
  • Check the integrity of fuses in the relay box behind the driver's seat SMART 450
  • Check (eliminate) the likely locations of wiring damage
  • Eliminate sources of moisture in the cabin SMART
  • Install the battery cable in place

Turning flashes nine times, the SMART does not start, got rid key

Smart Car will not start, "flew" or "got rid" key. Turning blink 9 times Car SMART CITY COUPE, SMART FORTWO, SMART ROADSTER engine will not start, the problem is specific to SMART cars. The essence of the problem - a mismatch of the key and the vehicle's electronic units. Flashing turn signals 9 confirms that indeed the owner of SMART are faced with this kind of problem. For fault localization requires special diagnostic equipment with the help of which it is possible to restore the synchronization. By the time the procedure takes no more than 5 minutes. However, the apparent simplicity, is explained in addition to specialized knowledge, availability of expensive equipment and properly configured for the SMART cars.

Good advice for car owners Smart: replace the battery in the key, you need to meet in the time interval of not more than half a minute, otherwise there will be out of sync, and you will need expert help for the registration key in the native avtomobil.Esli still our experts really got rid key help in this problem. We produce the second key, the ability to remotely bind keys. Call always happy to help.

History of Smart car

Smart - Car brand of very small class, of the same name produced by a company owned by the international automotive concern Daimler AG.

The joint venture MCC (Micro Compact Car AG) created corporation Daimler-Benz and the Swiss watch company Swatch (Swatch later withdrew from the project) in order to create the urban two-seater and is very economical mini-car Smart. Micro Compact Car in September 2002 changed its name to Smart GmbH.

Smart model was first presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1997. The car is produced in the French city Ambash 1998.

The car is equipped with three-cylinder turbocharged engine volume of 0.6 liter capacity of 45 hp Direct-injection. The engine is located behind and leads to the rear wheels. They also produced a version with an increased capacity of up to 55 hp The maximum speed of 135 km / h. In 1999, the range was supplemented by modification with a three-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharging and direct-injection volume of 0.8 liter capacity of 41 hp


The six-speed transmission Softouch with variable gear ratio and an electric clutch. Standard features include ABS, Dynamic Stability Control, Traction Control, "crash-manager", an energy absorbing steering column, airbags for driver and passenger.


Premiere Convertible - September 1999.

In November 1999, he was featured version of the engine cdi.


In 2007 the production volume amounted to 102,660 cars.

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