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American history of the brand Plymouth

Plymouth is a well-known brand of American cars. The history of Plymouth begins with the founding of the company by Walter Chrysler in 1928. Initially under this name it was planned to create a number of budget models of the brand "Chrysler", which were going to be equipped with a 4-cylinder engine and introduce competitors cars, produced by Ford and General Motors. At the same time was released "Plymouth Four", which replaced the "Chrysler 52".

1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda
1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

• 1919, May, was marked by the opening of a factory in the city of Detroit. Here cars Plymouth were produced. Soon, in 1930, "Plymouth U" entered the market at the price of its "classmates."

• In 1931, a series of PA cars was launched, so the company consolidates its reputation.

• In 1932 a series of "PB" was introduced, and in 1933 the "P" series was equipped with a 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 70 horsepower and automatic clutch.

• August 1934 was marked by the release of the millionth "Plymouth".

Success, which lasted 20 years, began to regress, and by the 1950s the company had fallen to the fifth place in the rating of success.

At the turn of the 60's in the company appeared models of cars with load-carrying bodies, and in 1962 the latest models that were designed by Exner for Plymout were on sale:


• Fury;

• Belvedere;

• Satellit.


This year was unsuccessful for Plymouth: the market focused on large cars instead of compact ones, and the sale was in jeopardy, but the popularity of the Valiant model returned the company to its previous level:


• In 1964 the Barracuda model was manufactured;

• 1971 - the Sport Fury;

• 1978 - compact model Horison;

• Sandance models were launched in 1986.


The Lazer sports car, developed together with Mitsubishi, was named Signum Diamond Star. "

Plymouth Superbird
Plymouth Superbird

In the late 90's, the company began to lose ground in the market, and once the most massive, models produced by Chrysler, lost relevance. In 1999, the production of Plymouth fell to 263 thousand, and then the management of Daimler-Chrysler closed the brand due to unprofitability.


The story of Plymouth, however, does not end there: at the end of 2001, the Plymouth model - the Voyager minivan, the Prowler roadster, the small Neon steel was produced under the Chrysler brand.