Spare parts for JAC cars 2 (Electrical equipment spare parts, Cooling system, Fuel system, Elements of cabin)

Electrical equipment spare parts

YJD11-2.0 APDS control unit
3736910D4JC Power Switch Solenoid (w)
1104014-3 fuel level sensor
YD480Q-59-11310 Coolant temperature sensor
YSLA480Q-5-01500 Oil Pressure Switch
3721910E0 Beep electric (optional)
YDS490Q-26-17100 Generator
3703035D4JC Battery cover
3774910D304 podrulevoj switch
Cigarette lighter 3725910E30
3720910E0 brake light switch (frog)
3770930E22 Engine pre-heater switch
3714930E0 switch warning lights
3714940E0 switch light bulbs
3776910D4JC mechanism stops the engine (jammers)
YSD490Q-26-12300 starter.
3735920E0 relay preheating
3702910D4 voltage regulator relay JFC218
3735910E0 Starter relay (JD231).
3735930E0 light switch
3735950E0 relay turns.
3712910E0 Direction indicator front left
3712920E0 Direction indicator front right.
3711910E0 Headlamp left.
3711920E0 Headlamp right
3773910E0 Tail light Left / Right
3717910E0 Fonal license plate
3801910D4JC Instrument panel

Cooling system

1309011D4-hcG Diffusers
YSD490Q-11100 Water pump
YSD490-11304 Thermostat Housing
YSD490-11301 Cover thermostat housing top
YSD490Q-11107 Gasket water pump
1303011D4-hcG radiator hose outlet
1303012D4-hcG radiator hose inlet
1301010D4-hcG Radiator

Fuel system

1101010B10JC Fuel tank
3806920D4JC fuel level sensor
Y480G-02002 Gasket pump
YSD490Q-10800a of the fuel filter tube
YSD490Q-5-10100 high pressure fuel pump (fuel pump)
YSD490Q-10700 Injector
YSD490Q-10600a fuel filter assembly
Fuel filter
Fuel filter WIX
YSD490Q-02003a pinion drive of the fuel pump (high pressure pump)

Elements of cabin

2803011D0 Bumper front
6100030E0-k right cabin door (white)
8201020E0 mirror assembly
6105080E0 Castle outer key left
6105010E0 door lock.
8202010D2 right exterior mirror with bracket
8202010D0 rearview look around
5101012E0 mirror bracket
8405012E0 Corpus step left
8405022E0 Corpus steps right
5000015E0 logo JAC
5301021E0 Framing lights-cilium, left
5004001D0 mechanism locking the cab assembly
5301011D2 Front Panel
6106010E0 Hinge doors
5004220E0 cockpit cushion
8405021E0 right footrest
8405011E0 left footrest
1108010B6 gas pedal
5302030E0 cockpit side panel left
8401011D4 Reschёtka radiator line, the artist
6104042E0 handle steklopodёmnika
6105030E0 door handle interior left / right
6105050E0 door handle outside left / right
6203012B3 door Glass rear right / left
3741910D2 Wipers
8111910E0 Windscreen
6104020E0 Steklopodёmnik right door
1108110E0 Cable accelerator manual drive
1108050D102 cable of a drive throttle
5402060E0 Door Seal
6103014E0 seal glass door
5206012D4 Glass Sealant
8403061E0 Mud Flap front wheel right

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