Spare parts for JAC cars (J5, S5)

Brake system

3510010D2-1 Master cylinder without vacuum
3510010D2 Brake master cylinder with vacuum booster
3501010D120 disc rear reference Levi assembly
3501020D120 reference disc rear right assembly
HF324-01-02. Brake shoes with lining
3508200E0 parking brake mechanism
3506170D4 vacuum receiver
3507010Z8 parking brake assembly
HF324-03-02 rear brake tube
WSL3507060 Brake pad handbrake
3508100D2 parking brake cable
HF324-04-04 Brake cylinder rear (rear right)
HF324-03-04 Brake cylinder rear (back left)
HF324-04-03 Brake cylinder rear (front right)
HF324-03-03 Brake cylinder rear (front left)
3506140D4 front brake hose

Spare Parts of the chassis

2905010D2 shock absorbers
2903040J1 Bushing front springs
2901478J1-1-1 sleeve spring abalone (salenblok)
3003610D0 Tip longitudinal steering rod (pair)
3003520N R Tie Rod End
3003510N Tie Rod L
2901478J1 Finger front spring
2911033E0 finger springs back front
2901052N finger springs back back
2911120D4 rear spring Pillow top
98206 Bearing support
2911930B1CHA0 Cushion rear spring
2912010D4JC Spring Rear
2902010D2 Spring Front
3001105D8 Kit pin
3103201D8 Hub front
Brake Drum front 3501007D4XZ
3003611D0 Link longitudinal assembly (original)
3003500D8 Traction steering transverse
3001300D8 Zapf left (turning left fist)
3103051D8 Pin front left


LG520-1701301B1 shaft secondary shaft
1703040D4 shaft gear
1703030D4 shaft gear selection
LG520-1701211Q intermediate shaft
LG520-1701129E27Q shaft input shaft
LG520E30-1702024 4-5 shift fork transmission
LG520-1702026Q3 Fork peremikannya 1 ¯ that zadnoї peredachі
LG520-1702040B1 reversing sensor
LG520-1701356E27Q secondary housing Gearbox shaft
LG525-1701141-C1 The case of a primary shaft
LG5-20-1701306B1 synchronizer ring (2-3, 4-5 transmission)
LG5-20-1701339Q3 synchronizer ring (1st gear)
LG520-1701304Q3 synchronizer ring 1-yi reverse gear
LG525-1701347-11 adapter
GB297-84 Bearing 7206E
LG520-1701334B1 Roller Bearings
6208 Primary shaft bearings
6007 Ball
GB277-89 Bearing 50307
Bearing K455027 igolchasty
Roller Bearing K384425

LG520E30-1702055 gear change before
Kit Kit lock, roller, a spring
Kit CAT  ( Ring 2 pcs set retainer clip, a spring, a secondary shaft seal, a set of rubber seals)
LG520-1701350E16 Gasket PPC rear
LG5-20-1701309Q3 synchronizer hub
PTJ5-20-1701303B1 synchronizer hub (2-3 transmission)
LG5-20-1701322B1 Synchronizer 5th gear
LG520-1701410B1 Pinion reverse gear
LG520-1701315Q2 Pinion 3rd gear
LG5-20-1701305Q2 Gear 2nd transmission output shaft
Gear LG5-20-1701318QN 5th gear
LG5-20-1701340Q Gear 1st gear output shaft
LG520-1701338Q3 Pinion reverse gear
LG525-1701346-11 speedometer driven gear wheel
LG525-1701344-11 Gear speedometer lead.
LG520-1701212Q Gear 1st gear
Gear LG520-1701213Q 5th gear
LG520-1701214Q2 Gear 2 and 3rd gear of the intermediate shaft

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    Bobby Bryan (Tuesday, 23 March 2021 10:12)

    Hello, I have a JAC S5 SUV chassis LJ12 EKS 43E
    what I need is both headlamps 4124100u1510, Tie rods ends & rack ends do you have these items at your best price.


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    daniel (Tuesday, 23 February 2021 16:19)

    secondary pulley sensor

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