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Jaguar Cars - Brand British transnational carmaker Jaguar Land Rover. Headquartered in a suburb of Coventry West Midlands. Since 2008 it belongs to the Indian Tata Motors.


First Jaguar company was founded in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company and was producing motorized carriages. After the Second World War, the name was changed to «Jaguar», in order to avoid an unfavorable combination of «SS». In 1966 the company merged with British Motor Corporation, which became known as the British Motor Holdings (BMH), in 1968, merged with the Layland Motor Corporation and renamed as British Leyland, was nationalized in 1975.

"Jaguar" was separated from British Leyland, and went on the London Stock Exchange in 1984 and until 1990 its shares have been part of the FTSE 100 index, while the automaker was not purchased by Ford. In recent years, Jaguar has been producing cars for the British Prime Minister, the latter was given the model XJ in May 2010, and for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. Since 1987, the "Jaguars" developed in the engineering center of the Jaguar Land Rover factory in Coventry Utley and Geydon center in Warwickshire. They are produced in an assembly plant Castle Bromwich in Birmingham, it is expected that part of the production will begin at Solihull.

In September 2013 announced plans for the opening of R & D center at the University of Warwick in Coventry, worth £ 100 million to build a new generation of automotive technology. The automaker said that about 1,000 scientists and engineers are working on this, and that construction will begin in 2014.

2017 Jaguar XF
2017 Jaguar XF

The existence of the company began with the 20-ies of XX century. At this time, it was the company Swallow Sidecar, and produced carriages for motorcycles. It did not bring much revenue, and then changed the company specialized in the production of components for the Austin 7.


After a big order made in 1927 revenue has allowed the company to expand its production and produce components models Fiat 509A, Morris Cowley, Wolseley Hornet, and then she began to design and develop new models of cars.


Most popular models received Jaguar SS90 and Jaguar SS100, named for the founder of the company William Lyons.


In the middle of the XX century the company changed its name for Jaguar, as the SS initials associated companies after the war with the Nazi regime.


At the same time there was Jaguar Mk VII, in which the engine output to 190 horsepower has been increased.

Jaguar F-type
Jaguar F-type

In 1950, Jaguar started cooperation with the company Daimler Motor Company (not to be confused with Daimler-Benz), which produced cars class close to the Jaguars. Since 1960, Daimler became part of Jaguar. The company itself, which began difficulties with sales in 1966 started to cooperate and became part of the British Motor. Since that time, Jaguar models began to enjoy increasing popularity.


By the 1960s, Jaguar concern gaining US market models Jaguar XK150 and XK150 Roadster with engine displacement to 3.4 liters.


From the 1960s to the 1980s, the series sports models were released, as well as sedans, which were sold at a high price, but differed high quality.


At the end of the 1960 Jaguar model was released with an upgraded six-cylinder engine. Some time later, in the early 1970s, it began production of the Jaguar XJ12, a 12-cylinder engine capacity of 311 horsepower. From 1968 to 1983, the following models were released: Jaguar XJ8 - sedan, XJR 4.0 Supercharged, Jaguar XJ-C - Coupe, Jaguar XJ-S - on it was first established AJ6 engine. the new model was released in 1988, which again became widely known - Jaguar XJ220, but later it was changed and displayed at Tokyo Motor Show.


In the late 1980s a branch of Jaguar Sport was opened, which produced sports car models. Then Jaguar becomes Ford's agencies.


At the end of the 1990s in Switzerland, the exhibition was shown a model of a sports car in a body "coupe", as well as a convertible.


In 2000-2004. Jaguar brand cars were involved again in the Formula 1 races as "Jaguar" team using Cosworth engines. Especially for this model cars were produced F-Type Concept and Silverstone.

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