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Citroen C6 History

Citroen C6 - a representative sedan class E. C6 combined elegance, elegance, prestige of the brand Citroen. Citroen C6 is presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005.


The design of the new Citroen C6 sedan as a whole embodies the main trends of the modern Citroen style laid down by the prototypes of the C-Airlounge and the C-Airdream, although with a close look the elements of both the predecessor XM and the legendary DS are visible. This is, of course, the Citroen brand chevron, which has become a central element in the design of the car's radiator grille; clean, smooth lines of the body; headlamp block, which comes to the side surface of the wings of the machine; side frameless glass in the doors of the car, merging with the roof, which imperceptibly passes into the rear racks, creating the outlines of a coupe. Completes the composition of the chrome strip at the bottom of the body, the tail lights, which also go to the side of the car and a curved rear window, hiding behind the rear pillars. The designers have created a unique look and actual style of this car, which, of course, is unique. C6 once again confirms one of the key qualities of the brand: the use of innovative technical solutions. It uses a new active hydropneumatic suspension with variable stiffness, which provides excellent comfort, perfect road stability and excellent dynamics of the car.

The Citroen C6 is equipped with a new pedestrian safety system, developed by the German company Continental. The system is able to identify the pedestrian in the event of a collision and to raise the hood with the help of pyro-cartridges to prevent serious injuries in the head area.


Passengers will be pleased with the spacious interior. With the help of electric adjustments to the rear seats, everyone can create an ideal place to relax. In C6, a system is integrated that allows creating an individual microclimate for the front / rear and right / left passengers, which ensures comfortable conditions during trips to any distance. In the interior decoration, finishing materials are used, corresponding to the status of the car - leather, chrome and wood.


The car offers a new concept for the organization of the driver's seat: a large central screen and a data display system (Head Up Display) by projecting onto the windshield. Thanks to the display, the driver can simultaneously monitor the road and read traffic information: speed, navigation system data. This is also an important element of active security.

Citroen C6 is offered in the Ukrainian market with a petrol engine capacity of 3.0 liters. The basic equipment of the car includes: four-zone climate control; 9 airbags; ABS, EBD, AFU, ESP; tire pressure sensor; light sensor; Rain sensor; Cruise control; speed limiter; electric parking brake; superblocking system; on-board computer; MP3 player.


Citroën C6 belongs to the highest society of E-class cars. It respects all the qualities that are mandatory for this range of cars: elegance, elegance, prestige, combined with the main advantages historically inherent in Citroen cars.

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