Citroen Fault codes

7150 error information about the vehicle speed
7151 error information on engine operation
7155 error information about the temperature of the coolant
7159 error information about the level of oil
7173 error information about the temperature of the oil
717D information about the fuel level error
F003 fault: lack of communication with intelligent switching unit
F00A CAN network error
F00F Bug - The computer is silent on the CAN network
FB83 Problem: Mileage switch is locked
FB84 Problem: ceasing to increase the brightness switch
FB85 Problem: ceasing dimming switch

FB86 fault jamming CHECK switch
FB88 care system fault breaker parking
FB89 fault jamming switch dynamic stabilization system (ESP)
FB8A fault jamming CHECK switch
FB8B defect jamming warning system switch on unintentional crossing of road marking lines
FB8C Fault: sticky switch number 5
FB8D Fault: sticky switch number 6
FB8E fault signaling switch unintentionally crossing the line in
FB90 blocked key "Check" (self-test)
FB91 keys are locked to the rotation of the mode selection function
FB92 blocked key rotation for setting the function
FB93 defect jamming switch "stop and start"
FB99 Error Reset par Watch-Dog (Setting the initial state by the watchdog)
FB9A Error processing units
FB9B internal computer error
FB9C Faulty internal operating temperature

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  • #3

    C barrass (Monday, 22 February 2021 20:13)

    Problem code p0485 can u plz point me in write direction changed water pump timing belt thermostat thermostat housing cooling fan relay unit and cooling fan still doesn't cut in

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    Hussien Hamid (Wednesday, 10 February 2021 17:44)

    I got a citroen picasso xsara car

  • #1

    Adam Friar (Saturday, 05 December 2020 18:53)

    Hi does anyone know what the fault code 0303 is please?